Service Info

Business Users:

LevelTec™ is located in Springfield, Ohio and offers on-site service as well as service contracts with businesses within a one hour radius of Springfield. Professional on-site service covering a wide range of IT services and solutions is available to all size businesses.

LevelTec™ also offers special business plans for customer drop off/pickup as well as technician pickup/drop off service with local companies wanting to keep their IT costs low.

Home Users:

LevelTec™ does not offer on-site service to home users. Home users must drop off and pick up their equipment at our office location.

In-Shop service is available to anyone from Monday through Friday during regular business hours.

Service Rates

Please contact us for a list of our current labor charges.


LevelTec™ provides a complete range of General PC Services including the following and are all covered under the standard labor rates:

  • General PC Diagnostics
  • General PC Hardware Repair
  • Adware/Spyware Removal
  • Upgrades/New Installations
  • Data Transfer
  • Internet/Networking Connections
  • Security Consulting

Advanced PC Services include the following and have different cost rates:

  • Data Recovery Services
  • Remote Service Connection
  • Antivirus/Security Program
  • Secure-Toss Program

LevelTec™ offers professional PC Services that you and your business can count on.

All PC hardware repairs are covered by full warranties.


LevelTec™ offers repair services for most major brands of laptops.

Services offered:

  • General repair
  • Hard Drive replacements
  • Keyboard replacements
  • Memory installation
  • Data Recovery

If your laptop does not boot, and a system restore is the only option you have, we can recover your files! Don’t loose your files!

Your files are first copied off your laptop, and then copied back once the system restore has completed. Optionally you can have your files saved on CD for an additional charge.

Hard drive physical condition can hinder file recovery.

See us for:

  • Laptop Battery Replacements
  • Power Pack Replacements
  • Keyboards
  • LCD Assemblies
  • CD ROM Drives
  • Case and Plastics

All laptop repairs are done in-shop only. We also have equipment in house to aide in saving your data in times of system reloads.

LevelTec™ uses only genuine factory replacement parts in all repairs.


Security Camera Systems

  • Office/Home security camera systems
  • PC based DVR systems that can handle up to 64 cameras
  • Security Camera consulting

Outdoor Long Range Wireless Networking

  • Outdoor wireless coverage
  • Building to building connections
  • Extend wireless to distant locations

We sell

  • Wired and wireless cams
  • Professional DVR’s
  • Long range wireless devices
  • Hidden security cameras
  • Both video and audio devices

Give us a call to find out more about all our new services.


Advanced Services:

  • Protection Program
  • Service Reach Program
  • Microsoft Licensing Services
  • Advanced Data Recovery Service
  • Secure Wipe and Dispose Program

LevelTec™ provides cutting edge support services utilizing the most technologically advanced tools available. Tools used by professionally trained technicians in our advanced service facility provide the most professional service results around.

Contact us for more information on the above services and programs.


Get rid of that old computer equipment safely and securely.  We will secure erase the hard drive and dispose of in an environmentally-friendly manner  for a $25 recycling fee.

Wanted: All Old Computer Equipment!

Do you have old computer equipment and don’t know how to get rid of it? Afraid of what data may still be on it even though you formatted the hard drive? The Secure-Toss program takes all the worry out of getting rid of that old equipment.  LevelTec takes your old equipment, securely erases any personal data, removes any outside markings and then recycles the equipment. All units are disassembled into their individual assemblies and then all parts are recycled so that not one screw gets dumped into your local land fill helping save the environment.

All computer equipment can be recycled. Don’t just throw it away, save the environment!


Did you know that even if you format a hard drive multiple times there is software that can recover your files? We know because we use the software ourselves in our day to day service. In the Secure-Toss program all hard drives are erased securely by trained technicians to a state that makes it literally impossible to bring the data back. Feel safe and secure knowing that your data cannot be retrieved by anyone.